5 Ways to Add Accent Marks to Letters in Google Docs

When creating a Google Doc where you need to insert letters with accent marks, the process isn’t obvious. Here are a handful of different ways to type accent marks over letters in Google Docs.

Google Docs offers a Special Character feature that allows you to insert symbols, arrows, emojis, and more. This feature also provides letters with accent marks.

Copy Letters With Accent Marks From Google Input Tools

Use Your Computer’s Tools to Get Accent Marks

Your computer may also let you use built-in tools to type accent marks for letters. While options vary depending on your platform, here are a couple of options.

One final option for typing accent marks on letters is with a free Google Docs add-on called Easy Accents.

Easy Accents is available for free with an optional premium subscription to set a default language.

When you need to type a letter with an accent mark in Google Docs, you have five great options. Depending on how often you’ll be typing the letters, pick the best one for you!