Was once forced to cook rotis on the funeral pyre

Was once forced to cook rotis on the funeral pyre
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Was once forced to cook rotis on the funeral pyre

Know the inspiring story of the life of Mrs. Sindhutai Sapkal ji, who brought light to the lives of more than 1400 orphan children.

There are many forms of woman. When I got unwavering faith with love, the ‘rebel’ became Meera. With determination, a woman who dragged her husband from the claws of Kaal became Savitri. There are infinite stories in the mighty arms of a woman. But a woman is like a god to her children as a mother, who takes care of every happiness, need of the children from their birth till their upbringing. But have you ever heard of a mother who not only became a mother to children without parents, but also begged for them on the streets. That woman is Mrs. Sindhutai Sapkal ji, who has become the mother of 1400 orphan children. Who has set such an example of Mamta, which will be less appreciated. Mrs Sindhutai Sapkal ji is no more with us today but the inspiring story of her life is still present among us. Sindhu Tai, who devoted her whole life to help others, had spent her whole life in a lot of struggle. Sindhutai is called Mother Teresa of Maharashtra. Let us know the inspirational journey of his life.

At the age of 9 married to a man who was many years older

Was once forced to cook rotis on the funeral pyre
Image Credit By Badabusiness.com

Born on 14 November 1948 in a shepherd family in Wardha district of Maharashtra, Mrs Sindhutai has suffered a lot since childhood. The financial condition of the family of Mrs. Sindhutai was not good. His family made their living by grazing cattle. Sindhutai father wanted to teach her while her mother was opposed to her education due to the economic conditions of the house. Although her father went against his wife and started sending his daughter to school. Due to the economic conditions of the house, he had to drop out of school in the fourth grade. When Sindhutai was 9 years old, she was married off to a man several years older than her. Sindhutai had studied only till the fourth class, she wanted to study further but after marriage her in-laws did not let her dream come true.

In-laws gave many troubles By the age of 20, Mrs Sindhutai had become the mother of 3 children. Smt. Sindhutai always had compassion for the poor and the suffering. Once he complained to the district officer about the village headman for not paying wages to the women. Angered by this, the chief conspired against Mrs. Sindhutai and got her out of the house by her husband. At that time Mrs. Sindhutai was 9 months pregnant. After being kicked out of the house by her husband, Mrs Sindhutai gave birth to a daughter among the cows in a state of unconsciousness and then also cut the cord with her hand. He had cut his umbilical cord by hitting him with a stone.

Thoughts of committing suicide several times

Mrs Sindhutai had no shelter. His father had passed away and his mother refused to keep Mrs. Sindhutai in the house. In such a situation, he started begging in the train to fill his stomach. Sometimes he also ate pita bread in the cremation ground. In these adverse circumstances of life, many times he even contemplated committing suicide.

Inspired to support orphan children like this

Mrs. Sindhutai had become disillusioned with her life. Meanwhile, he found a destitute child at the railway station. At that time an idea came in his mind that how many children would be there in the country who needed a mother. From then on she decided that any orphan who comes to her will become her mother. To support the destitute children, she herself adopted her daughter in a trust and herself got involved in helping the completely destitute children.

Raised children by begging

To bring up the orphan children, Mrs. Sindhutai (Sapkal) started singing songs at the railway station and in return people started giving money and with that money Mrs. Sindhutai started taking care of the beggar children. She decided not to die now. Rather, the dying have to be revived, they have to be given life. They have to learn to live even in difficulties. Mrs Sindhutai would go to the temples, beg and sing and take care of the beggar children with the money she got from there. People started getting to know about Mrs. Sindhutai. People came to know her as Mai and mother of beggar children.

Light of happiness in the life of orphan children

Mrs. Sindhutai Sapkal ji devoted her entire life in the service of orphan children. He gave speeches at many places to feed the orphans. Sindhutai visited many cities and villages to build an ashram for orphans. Sindhutai not only supported the orphan children but also gave them good education. Many children adopted by him are today working as doctors, lawyers and other positions. This series started by Mrs. Sindhutai has transformed into 6 big social service organizations of Maharashtra. More than 1500 destitute children live like a family in these institutions. Mrs Sindhutai is called the mother of all children here. She is also known as Mother Teresa of Maharashtra.

honored with Padma Shri

Sindhutai, who is called the mother of orphan children, has also got many children married. After getting education from him, many children are working on good posts today. In view of the excellent work of Smt. Sindhutai Sapkal ji, the Government of India honored her with the country’s fourth highest honor, Padma Shri. Not only this, what Mrs. Sindhutai Sapkal ji did for destitute children and women is an example in itself. He was honored with more than 700 honors for these good deeds. Smt. Sindhutai has also been conferred a doctorate degree by DY Patil Institute.

Sindhutai Sapkal ji passed away at the age of 73 on 4 January 2022 due to a heart attack. But the wonderful works of Mrs. Sindhutai will always live on amongst us and continue to inspire people. Mrs. Sindhutai Sapkal ji is an inspiration for millions of people today. He has written a new success story on the strength of his hard work and dedication. Bada Business sincerely appreciates the great works of Mrs. Sindhutai Sapkal ji and salutes her wholeheartedly.

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