Mission to make healthy India with organic farming

Mission to make healthy India with organic farming
Mission to make healthy India with organic farming

Mission to make healthy India with organic farming

The organic family brand of Khandwa district has reached the market

500 small farmers of Khandwa district, who are carrying out the mission of making a healthy India from organic farming have attracted the attention of the whole country.

These farmers are taking organic produce in 918 hectares.

The “Organic Family” brand of their products is reaching every household. The farmers associated with Satpura Organic Producer Company want the citizens of the country to get pure food grains, fruits and vegetables. He stayed away from medicines and our earth remained poison free.

Dara Singh Dharve of Bodrania village of Jhirnya tehsil associated with the company completely agrees with the thinking of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan that organic farming is the most concrete way to save the earth and man. Dara Singh Dharve is getting good price for organic wheat. 2500 per quintal will be available this year. He says – “Now more and more farmers want to join organic farming. Chemical fertilizers also increase the cost of farming and also harm health.

The company’s CEO Mr. Vishal Shukla says that the company is going on its third year of formation. In such a short span of time, the company’s organic products have made a good mark in the market. Because of the “organic family” brand, the seed of the farm and the consumer has become a strong relationship. They say that in the next three years, 65 cities will add 1.25 million consumers of organic products. Delivery partners like Zomato, Swiggy, Nimbus, E-kart, Meesho, GetIt have joined us and work has also started in Indore. Thus, with the help of modern marketing and technology, efforts are on to increase the reach of organic products.

Organic Family is getting distri butors. So we have opened customer service department and sales team is in touch with them.

Shri Shukla says that – “We will always be ahead in realizing the dream of the Chief Minister to start economic entrepreneur ship in the field of agriculture by bringing together Farmer Produce Organizations.” They say – “That the Chief Minister’s thinking is progressive. He thinks like a visionary.”

Mission to make healthy India with organic farming
Mission to make healthy India with organic farming

Regarding the coming into existence of Satpura Organic Producer Company, Mr. Shukla says that- “It started with village-to-village chaupal meetings. It was necessary to unite the small farmers doing farming and marketing together. The rounds of discussions started on the benefits of

It started with ten farmers. Initially, make groups among themselves for wheat, soybean and onion.

Committees were formed from these groups and in this way gradually the farmers got involved and this process is going on. Meanwhile, the Corona period came but the farmers did not face any problem. Wheat procurement continued. Their organic produce vegetable started reaching the customers’ doorsteps directly.

Describing the reason for joining the company, Mr. Rajesh Tirole a farmer from Singote village, says that – Coming together in the name of one brand increases the price and benefits all the farmers. Mr. Rajesh is a small farmer of two hectares. They plant wheat and vegetables. Purely use organic manure. He explains that – “By joining the company, we have started getting good prices for organic vegetables. Earlier vegetables were sold at very low prices.

Now good prices are available sitting at home through organic family brand.

Because of the company, we have had a direct relationship with the customer.

We have the freedom to set our own rates. All the goods are sold through the com pany and we get the price for our hard work.

In Rajpuragaon of Punasa Tehsil, Shri Manoj Pandey is growing wheat and vegetables through organic method in three acres.

He explains that – The market for organic products is growing now.

Our organic wheat is also selling at a good price. Organic vegetables are also being preferred. Direct access to the market has also increased with the profit in farming alone and farming in collaboration with the company. According to him, this company is a platform that is promoting organic products with a mission. Acting as a bridge between the consumers and the producer farmers. Consumers get pure organic grains and vegetables and we get our price. Mr. Pandey says that our mission is poison-free farming and drug-free routine. Neither the body will be healthy nor the mind will get happiness by eating chemicals mixed with it.

Sodan Singh income increased due to the sweetness of Strawberry and Papaya

Fuel And Organic Fertilizer Found From Cow Dung Gas Plant.

Expressing concern about the challenges faced by the organic family brand, Mr. Pandey says that – In the absence of knowledge and knowledge, it is not possible to identify the real and the counterfeit. Hence, counterfeit goods are sold and the original cannot be identified. The solution is to He says that the only way is to raise awareness about organic products.

Mr. Shukla explains that – The company has made its own quality standards.

We work on the policy of quality.

Mission to make healthy India with organic farming
Mission to make healthy India with organic farming

Agricultural experts have been included in this. The quality norms laid down in the National Organic Production Program are taken care of.

Gives them good quality seeds. From organic pest control to cold storage facilities are also provided. Facility to transport products from farm to market and to customers is also available. The company has also been honored by NABARD for doing remarkable work in the field of agriculture and bringing a positive change in the lives of small farmers. read more


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